Traffic Ticket Defence

Why fight every traffic ticket??

Traffic convictions can affect your insurance and your ability to drive for years to come. Traffic tickets are

classified as minor or major by insurance companies. Two or more minor convictions or one major conviction will raise your insurance rates. Call us now to defend your ticket.

scale-of-justiceMost traffic tickets for moving violations have demerit points. If the ticket goes on your driving record regardless of demerit points the ticket can be seen by your insurance company. Traffic tickets stay on your driving record for three (3) years. Tickets for G1 or G2 driver’s violations have a mandatory 30 day license suspension. Professional drivers cannot get more than 6 demerit points on their driving record. You have to fight every traffic ticket to keep your record clear!

Types of moving violations you would get a traffic ticket for:

¨        Careless Driving

¨        Stop sign tickets

¨        Prohibited turn and disobey sign

¨        Fail to remain at the scene of an accident

¨        Fail to report an accident

¨        Stunt driving │ Speeding more than 50km/h │ Racing

¨        Driving while under suspension

¨        Driving with no insurance │ Make false statement of insurance