Small Claims Court

The Ontario Small Claims Court is an open civil court therefore just about every type of civil lawsuit can be heard provided the following conditions are met:

  1. The lawsuit is for $25,000 or less (or at least reduced to this amount);
  2. The lawsuit does not involve a legal issue that another adjudicative body has exclusive jurisdiction over (e.g.the Landlord Tenant Board has exclusive jurisdiction when a residing tenant is involved.

Some of the most common types of Small Claims Court lawsuits  are:

  • Unpaid Invoice, Rent or Loan; NSF Cheque
  • Retail credit cards
  • Damage to property
  • Renovation projects gone bad
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Real estate transactions completed and not
  • Consumer Protection Act rights and remedies
  • Sale of Goods Act or other statutes
  • Misrepresentations and breach of contract
  • Employment disputes
  • Amounts owing under a lease for a vehicle; vehicle purchases
  • Forfeiture of deposits
  • Libel and slander
  • Recovery of property
Our services include:

We draft and file a claim demanding payment of your debt, legal costs, court costs and interest.  We strive to produce pleadings that are succinct and based in law. If you are defending an action we draft and file the defence and if applicable the defendant’s claim.  We also draft and file any motions during the course of the action that are deemed appropriate and necessary.


We prepare for and attend at the hearing. If a settlement cannot be reached we seek any orders that may assist in the matter. Most defended actions settle at this stage.


If a matter is not resolved at a settlement conference we begin preparing for trial by complying with any orders made, requesting a trial date, reviewing evidence, etc.


We conduct your trial for you by managing evidence, ensuring compliance with procedures, making legal submissions, and responding to the opposing party.


If at any time a debtor wishes to resolve a matter we will draft a settlement agreement accordingly.  Effective representation can make a difference in any settlement.